Jendem provides accounting services from bookkeeping to all kinds of help you need in being an entrepreneur in Finland.

Understand and make the right decisions

We help you to understand accounting from your perspective. Not deep down, but enough to understand how your business is developing and how to read accounting reports. We do the bookkeeping work for you. You can fully concentrate on your business.


We help you to analyze your business and support you with your decision-making. Annual report is not only a mandatory output by your bookkeeper; it is an informative piece of paper.

If you are a star-upper, you’ll probably need help with a lot of things concerning accounting, finance, and other mandatory reports. We will help you with them or do the work for you.

The road to entrepreneurship

Ask yourself, do you have a market?

What are your risks?

Explore, market, funding, risks, we will help you with asking the right questions and guide you with the right answers.


Do not hesitate to contact us, and ask about our services.

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